About Us

Crispy waffles made with our fresh heavenly batter, loaded with our homemade sauces with creamy cream cheesy, whipped cream, fresh fruits, nuts and much more is what we as ‘Waffle House’ specialise in!

It all started with a thought of eating good waffles and after trying places we realised that no such place exists. This is when we decided to start our own waffle place for those who want something more, who want something special, who want something good and who are searching! We are a bunch of young professional that came together for the love of waffles. With innovation in our veins, we brought to you India’s first ever – Waffle Sticks! Waffles in cone shaped stick dressed with sauces and topped with cream, sprinkles, nuts, etc... Recently, we launched our new range of Waffle Sundaes and Waffle Sandwiches. Square shaped waffles, with sauces, ice-cream, fresh toppings, nuts, whipped cream, sprinkles, etc. The perfect waffle sundae one wishes for!

With your love for us we smoothly opened up more than 10 locations across India. You can find us in Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Hyderabad and Bangalore.